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Bills don’t pay themselves. Sometimes, you’ve got to pull yourself up by the bootstraps and make ends meet using some good old-fashioned elbow grease. Even if it’s not a matter of living check to check, the appeal of more than one paycheck is obvious. You’ll need two jobs for that, though.
So, it’s time to go on the job hunt. Finding something when you’re out of work is nearly a full-time job, so getting a second job can be extremely challenging. The legwork and networking that go along with job hunting are that much more difficult when you’re already employed. But it’s not impossible.
Many people notice exciting second jobs by taking advantage of their hobbies. If you’re someone talented in photography, perhaps you can set up a website and begin shooting portraits for people. If you have a good set of domestic wrenching skills, you might be able to collect some extra money as a handyman. Maybe you love driving. Lots of people pad their bank accounts driving for ride-sharing services, or as a commercial driver for schools and municipalities. Driving a school bus usually gives you the middle of the day free for other work, too.
Start looking for opportunities and reaching out to local companies. Don’t be shy. If you want to work somewhere, let them know. After all, they can only turn you down and possibly even give feedback. And you’ve already got a job, so you can be a little selective.
Keep Communication Open
Even though it can be difficult, you should let your primary employer know you’re planning to take a new role. It will help you avoid any awkward moments later if you need to prioritize a task from one job, for example. If the second job is only temporary while you earn money to pay off your student debt or help save money to finance your new home, tell your current employer. It will help them empathize, and if your time is valuable to them, you might get an offer for more money if you choose not to take the new job.
As we mentioned earlier, you can take the opportunity to do something unique with this job. If the planets align just right, perhaps this will grow into your full-time occupation. People typically discover they’re wonderful at things they never tried and create careers out of them. Be willing to put yourself out there by attending networking events and being open to new ideas. It’s your opportunity to say “yes” to something with the security that your original job isn’t going anywhere.
Remember to respect your current job, too. If you find yourself worrying you’re spending too much time with your secondary effort and becoming concerned about job security at your primary job, it’s time to re-focus on your existing role. At the same time, if your current position is driving you crazy, leaving might not be such a bad thing. You should always be looking at the market.
Exploring a second job can tell you a lot about yourself, in addition to just helping pad your wallet. Ultimately, you should be happier when you find the new job than you were before — not just hamstrung and that much closer to saving a buck. If you follow our advice, it’ll be a win-win.
Working further hours at a brand new gig will not facilitate your monetary scenario if you lose your primary job thanks to it. Before you even begin searching for part-time work, make an honest and accurate accounting of how you spend your time right now.
Keep a journal for every week about, writing down everything you spend time doing each day. Write down fully everything—work hours, time spent cooking, cleaning, and doing household chores, plus time spent on leisure and exercise. Then ask yourself if you'll afford to present any of that up.
If you discover that you are payment 5 hours every day catching abreast of your Netflix, the answer might be yes; if getting a second job would mean forgoing extra assignments that keep you within the boss's smart graces, or letting your gym membership lapse, the answer might be no. And of course, if your employer has a policy against moonlighting, it's not worth the risk of getting caught and losing your main paycheck.
Is it enough cash to be value Your While?
The taxes you pay at your full-time job square measure for the most part invisible as a result of the govt. takes its bite before you see a dime. Some part-time jobs are a constant way—the leader can deduct state, federal, and any local taxes, plus social security before you get your check. But even in this case, you could wind up making a lot less than you'd planned. If you simply have a number of hours every week to figure and your after-taxes cheque does not quantity to a lot of, you could be better off clipping coupons or cutting expenses.
Finally, if you work as a contractor, you'll be responsible for your taxes.  Either way, your situation is a great deal a lot of difficult than that of somebody United Nations agency solely works for one company as an associate worker and has taxes taken out.


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